Have you been denied unemployment benefits?

Protect Your Right To Unemployment Benefits

Loss of a job often means filing for unemployment insurance benefits to support yourself and your family while you find new work. While the process of applying for unemployment benefits is fairly easy, it becomes more complicated if you are denied benefits.

When an individual (claimant) opens a claim for unemployment benefits it triggers in investigation into the reason for the separation from employment. Depending on the information provided by both the claimant and the employer, either the claim will be approved or the Department of Labor will schedule a fact finding interview to gather more information regarding the claim.

Click on the below links to learn more about the interview and appeal process.

The Fact Finding Interview
The Appeal Tribunal Hearing
Appeal to the Board of Review
Appeal to the New Jersey Appellate Division

If you are facing an unemployment hearing or were disqualified for benefits, you need proper representation. You simply cannot afford to be disqualified from benefits. Moreover, if you collected benefits as a result of an initial determination of eligibility but are later disqualified from benefits, you will be made to repay every penny you received in benefits.  The Department of labor calls this a "refund of benefits." The fact that you may be made to repay all your benefits is just another reason why you must have experienced legal representation for your unemployment claim. Unemployment claims are handled on an affordable flat fee basis. I am experienced in all areas of employment law and possesses the skill and knowledge necessary to represent your unemployment compensation claim.